Viddictive: A new all in one solution for online advertising needs


It’s coming August 30th, 2017, 11 am Eastern Time, an application that is going to revolutionize the creation of video ads because of its the first all in one video advertisement creation tool. With an overload of knowledge in today’s world, videos are fast becoming the in thing mainly because they create the desired impact in the least amount of time. The research proves this as videos are shared 1200% more times than links and text combined and 63% of people are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

Viddictive is going to become addictive because it is the all in one solution that will generate traffic for you, provide leads for you but most of all, make money for you. From e-commerce, startups to real estate and restaurants, to Teespring and webinars, this is a game changing application for the future. All kinds of businesses can use this breakthrough software.

Unique twist

Its unique twist is that it has full access to Facebook’s marketing API as a Facebook partner. Inside the software, people can create their full-blown Facebook and YouTube ad campaigns. Hundreds of templates are customizable, templates that are brand new and never seen before. Inside the dashboard, every aspect of the advert can be customized, from headlines to description styling for both Facebook and YouTube. It can be uploaded straight away to generate traffic, generate leads but most of all, to generate sales so far. This is a video software as well as a traffic software which it makes entirely unique

So, how does it work?

Entering the dashboard there are five tabs, Welcome, Create Ads, My Video Ads, Upload Ad, and Training. Before you create your first ad connect your Facebook and YouTube accounts in the Welcome area. Instructions are provided as you click on the buttons. It only takes a couple of seconds to upload any video ad to one of your accounts that are connected. You will always have the option to upload or download your video whenever you want. Once your accounts are connected, now you can move on to create your first video ad. This step will direct you to the video ad’s panel where you can choose a template to start building your ad campaign. All elements with each template are fully customizable. From text fields to imagery and logos and even your choice of music, everything can be tweaked to your liking. Once you are completed here, the next step is to create your social campaign. Easy to apply Just like undertaking an advert on YouTube or Facebook, the same options hold. After choosing where you wish to place your advert i.e. YouTube or Facebook, you then define whether your focus is to get traffic i.e. website clicks or gain conversions. Then you let the software guide you as to customer location, age. It is really user-friendly, self-explanatory, simple and fast.

To finish you decide on your budget and ad campaign duration. After that step is complete, you add text to fill in what you would like your ad to say. Once completed, you get the opportunity to review the finished creation before placing the order with Facebook or YouTube. Another feature in the software under the tab My Video Ads is, if you have projects unfinished or completed, this is where you will find them. There are two headings here, Drafted Ads and Saved Ads. At any stage, you can download or upload. You have full control. Uploading videos are done in two ways. For YouTube, click the YouTube button next to the video and you have rendered. The video will immediately start to upload to your YouTube account either for a YouTube post or to run a YouTube ad campaign. For Facebook, you click the Upload Add button at the top of the dashboard and select which video you want to upload.

Then for the next step, you type in the text you want to appear on your Facebook post along with your video. Next, you type in the caption you want for your call to action. The last step is to choose which Facebook page you want the video to go to so far. Click Finish and a notification will appear on your Facebook account and this means, your video is ready!

The goal: This software is friendly

While it renders videos, quotes from well-known personalities appear such as “good marketers see consumers as complete human beings with all the dimensions real people have”(Jonah Sachs) The creators are very clear on the goal and that is, as said in their promotional video, “Other software is for creating videos, Viddictive is for making money.” Clearly, videos are taking the virtual world by storm. The aim of Viddictive is to make videos catchy to grab viewers’ attention from the get go. They have templates that are impressiveso as to attract more users to see it until the end. The videos are created in a way that communicates the message in 20 to 60 seconds. Viddictive is aware that as advertised on their material,Video ads can explode revenue by 56% overnight. So, why choose Viddictive? The wonderful thing about this software is that there are no coding skills required, no design or no video editing. It ends up that you can create a video advert in minutes. It is flexible. Pictures, text and/or video clips can be added easily. The software has you covered for music. Another excellent feature is how simple the process of posting and tracking your video ads is. Since the software works seamlessly with Facebook and YouTube, it is a no-brainer. For business owners whose time is limited, this is the answer. If at any stage you run into difficulty, there is ample training available by clicking on the Training tab so far. Viddictive is the complete do-it-yourself advertising package as it delivers the traffic, the leads, but most of all, the sales and revenue you require.